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Transform operational insights into guided and compelling video-like experiences that are simultaneously explorable and queryable like dashboards. Without the bloat or limitations of video and dashboards.

Unleash the Power of Insights.

insight story

Business team members may use dashboard insights when making high-risk and unfamiliar decisions, but, rely solely on instincts and intuition for the higher number of ad-hoc decisions.

As systems become more and more autonomous, humans will be making a lot more ad-hoc decisions.

Deliver operational insights directly to users to get results.
Delegate decision-making with confidence. Enhance operations and collective intelligence, intuition, and instincts.

insight story

Profit from Operational Insights.

Expand the reach and effectiveness of your operational insights, and reap the benefits of team-inclusiveness in decision making.

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InsightStory started its life as a consulting gig, where the team provided a service to deliver operational insights summarized as video to busy decision makers (initially operations executives, product managers, customer support, sales support, and account executives). By sharing clear and concise insights to large audiences — in a privacy- and security-focused manner, — the company delegated decision making effectively.

Summarized video insights, implemented using interactive video solved primary navigation use cases, but the service lacked the ability to explore specific details or highlight identified anomalies. The service also inherited all inadequacies of interactive video, for example, the inability to provide responsive device-orientation-agnostic experiences, and individual-level personalization. Massive storage and streaming requirements for different platforms made it ineffective.

InsightStory — utilizing generative stories — was conceived to overcome the limitations discovered during the consulting gig, with a desire to build a security- and privacy-focused, personalizable, and engaging service incorporating a large selection of unfulfilled requirements.

What is InsightStory?

There isn’t a single significant business application that does not share operational insights via dashboards. Dashboards are a window into the operations and performance of a business. The ability to explore and query helps discover insights drives innovation.

Dashboards, however, require users to pull insights, and they rarely engage and retain audiences. They are severely underutilized as teams may use them for garnering insights when making high-risk or unfamiliar decisions, but, rely solely on instincts and intuition when making a large number of ad-hoc decisions.

insight story
insight story

Pushing insights, in particular using video — although more engaging, concise, and explainable than static reports — have limitations for sharing insights. They have a considerable size footprint; are challenging to create and distribute; are not orientation- and resolution-agnostic; do not support accessibility; can't be personalized, explored, and queried.

Both dashboards and pushing traditional video are ineffective for sharing insights with business decision-makers.

InsightStory combines ease of content consumption, delivery, and explanatory qualities of engaging video, to the exploratory and queryable features of dashboards.

Pushing insights directly to teams in an engaging format empowers them with intuitions and instincts to make informed daily decisions. Retaining the ability to pull insights encourages exploration, which drives innovation.

Mike Bostock, Creator D3JS, Founder ObservableHQ

Transform operational insights into compelling video-like experiences that are simultaneously explorable and queryable like dashboards.

Read about the patent-pending technology.

Why InsightStory?

Businesses that promote and rely on teams to make high-quality decisions perform at a higher scale.

Highest quality decisions are best made by team members who are close to the people they are serving and have access to dependable insights.

Sharing relevant insights with team members is empowering. Sharing too much leads to information overload, analysis paralysis, and disengagement, causing the teams to become immune to insights — similar to how we ignore ads on a web page.

Business teams research and "pull" all available insights when making unfamiliar decisions, e.g., answering an escalated support request. However, they rely solely on instincts and intuition when making a large number of ad-hoc decisions.

As operations and systems become more and more autonomous, humans will be focusing on creativity and making a lot more ad-hoc decisions.

Jack Dorsey - My Job is to ensure decisions are being mades

InsightStories "push" explorable and queryable operational insights, empower teams with intelligence, intuitions, and instincts, enabling them to make both ad-hoc and unfamiliar decisions faster and with much higher confidence.

Read about the patent-pending technology.

insight story


insight story

Several concepts and technologies have shaped the Patent-Pending service behind Insightcast.

Insight Sources
InsightStory remodels insights from your BI, Analytics, CRM, Ops Management, Dashboard aggregator systems, etc., into video-esque and dashboard-like native experiences utilizing a generative format that is device, resolution, and orientation agnostic, accessibility supporting, and not limited by inadequacies of interactive video or video. They are a fraction of the size of video and are responsive.

InsightStories are delivered via podcast like subscriptions to users daily, weekly, or based on occurrence of an event.

Explorable Explanations
Inspired by Explorable Explanations¹ technology, InsightStories reframe Insights for conciseness, engaging consumption, and analysis by all decision-makers.

Generative Stories
Generative stories belong to the set of generative models which are able to produce or generate new content from data with varying levels of help from humans. The content can be text, audio, video, or rich content. Generative models attempt to predict features given a certain label unlike classification or discriminative models that predict or classify features.

Edge Decisions
Insightcasts broaden the reach of insights to the "edge" where business users are making daily decisions. They make esoteric insights — ones usually only understood by analysts and experts — available to and effectively used by a much wider audience within a company or groups that share similar interests.

An InsightStory is self-playing and a guided dashboard complete with the ability to explore and query subsystems.

They bring your detected anomalies and summarizations to the decision makers by giving you a platform to highlight and surface them.

Their creation ranges from automated based on templates in its traditional form; to human-initiated; to machine-generated with human support and approval; to generated autonomously depending on the content, context, and domain, with varying levels of autonomy.

Synced Narratives
An InsightStory produces conversational narratives directly from data and insights, which play synchronized with visuals. Smart-Sync ensures scene visualizations and narrations are synchronized — and wait for each other — even when a scene is initiated mid-way by scrubbing, rewinding, and forwarding.

insight story

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