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Generative stories simultaneously play like videos and are explorable like dashboards.

Unleash the power of Insights.

Transform insights into powerful experiences that are engaging like videos and explorable like dashboards. Summarize and highlight metrics, surface detected anomalies, and visually explain insights to users using conversational narratives. Reduce Analysis Paralysis.

insight story

Inspire Everyone.
Inspire Action.

Provoke thought and inspire action. Reap the benefits of including empowered teams in decision-making. Spread the power of insights, and bring confidence, decisiveness, and analysis visually to every decision-maker.

insight story

Profit from Insights.

Lack of availability, understanding of, and confidence in insights adversely affect decision-making in today's complex organizations. See views of leaders on the necessity of delegation, problems with sharing insights via dashboards, and the need for innovative explorations.

insight story

Powerful. Generative Stories.

Imagine your users being guided through a video-esque report but with fully retained ability to explore, drill-down, and interact with a live report.


InsightStory is a new and ambitious product in development, and the team is motivated by and deeply appreciative of all feedback. Please provide feedback by answering a few questions.

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Generate thought provoking and action inspiring stories from your insights. Expand the reach and effectiveness of insights and promote team-inclusiveness in decision making. Be notified when we go live.

Inside Story

insight story

InsightStory started its life as a consulting gig, where the team provided a service to deliver sales insights summarized as video to busy decision makers.

By sharing clear and concise insights to large audiences, in a privacy- and security-focused manner, the company delegated decision making effectively.

Summarized video insights, implemented using interactive video solved primary navigation use cases, but the service lacked the ability to explore specific details or highlight identified anomalies. The service also inherited all inadequacies of interactive video, for example, the inability to provide responsive device-orientation-agnostic experiences, and individual-level personalization.

InsightStory — utilizing generative stories — was conceived to overcome the limitations discovered during the consulting gig, with a desire to build a security- and privacy-focused, personalizable, and engaging service incorporating a large selection of unfulfilled requirements.

insight story

Profits from Insights.

Jack Dorsey thinks of his job as ensuring decisions are made by people who are close to customers and have access to insights.

A leader making all decisions by himself would be an organizational failure in his eyes.

insight story

Businesses that include teams in decision-making perform at a higher level than those where the leadership team makes most decisions.

insight story

Rising complexity in organizations adversely affects decision-making.

McKinsey attributes poor decisions to
general disengagement, analysis paralysis, and anxiety caused by lack of relevant insights.

Decision-quality vastly improves when employees have access to, and confidence in business insights for daily decision-making.

"The key metric of whether you've succeeded is what fraction of your employees use that dashboard everyday" - Keith Rabois.

Navigating dashboards is time consuming. Insight discovery is entirely accidental.Dashboards are exploratory and frame information well but fail to tell sequential narratives.

insight story

Dashboards for sharing insights are ineffective, under-utilized, and rarely engage audiences.

insight story

Videos continue to be the most effective, engaging, and explanatory platform.

Videos have limitations for sharing insights as they
aren't device-resolution and device-orientation agnostic, and cannot be interactively explored like charts.

Videos are engaging and explainable, but not explorable.

Exploration drives innovation.

"*Raw data often feels impenetrable, at first. Interactive exploration and visualization is the best way to quickly answer questions and nurture understanding."
- Mike Bostock, Founder D3JS and Observable

Explorations are the basis of Explainable Explorations, a technology that inspired Generative Stories and InsightStory.

insight story

Generative stories combine ease of content consumption and explanatory aspects of video to the interactive exploratory aspects of dashboards.

Generative Stories

insight story

Generative Stories remodel insights into video-esque and dashboard-like native experiences utilizing a generative story format that is device, resolution, and orientation agnostic, and not limited by inadequacies of video and interactive video.

Several concepts and technologies have shaped the Patent-Pending service behind InsightStory Generative Stories.

Explorable Explanations
Inspired by Explorable Explanations technology, Generative Stories reframe Insights for conciseness, engaging consumption, and analysis by all decision-makers.

Delegating Decisions
McKinsey categorizes decisions based on risk, familiarity, and how frequently those decisions are made.

insight story

Business team members readily use all available data, insights, and dashboards when making high-risk and unfamiliar decisions. They, however, make low-risk, ad-hoc low-stakes, and parts of collaborative decisions based on instincts and intuition. Empowering working teams with the right and timely insights pushed to them, helps users make informed decisions.

insight story

Edge Decisions
Generative Stories broaden the reach of Insights to the "edge" where business users are making daily decisions. They make esoteric insights — ones usually only understood by analysts and experts — available to and effectively used by a much wider audience within a company or groups that share similar interests.

Autonomous Dashboards
Generative Stories are self-playing and guided dashboards complete with the ability to explore and query subsystems. They automatically highlight surfaced anomalies and summarizations. Their creation ranges from automated based on templates in its traditional form; to human-initiated; to machine-generated with human support and approval; to generated autonomously depending on the content, context, and domain, with varying levels of autonomy.

Synced Narratives
Generative Stories produce conversational narratives directly from data and insights, which play synchronized with visuals. Smart-Sync ensures scene visualizations and narrations are synchronized — and wait for each other — even when a scene is initiated mid-way by scrubbing, rewinding, and forwarding.

Patent Pending.

insight story


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InsightStory is a new and ambitious product in development, and the team is motivated by and deeply appreciative of all feedback. To provide feedback start below.

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