Ultralight format for visually sharing insights & intelligence.


Automatically produce and distribute audio-visual stories generated based on events and schedules.

insight story


insight story

1,000x smaller & 10x
faster vs. video¹

insight story

Guided &

insight story

Resolution &
orientation agnostic

insight story


insight story


insight story

Accessibility &

insight story


insight story

Cost effective to
produce & distribute

Why InsightStory?

Show. Tell. Repeat. Profit.

Your business spends millions to discover insights from BI, Analytics, CRM, and operations software. All investments are a waste unless your teams use insights naturally in their decision-making.

Broaden the reach & effectiveness of your insights.
Delegate decision-making with confidence.

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insight story

Several concepts and technologies have shaped the Patent-Pending service behind InsightStory.

insight story

Ultralight Format

✓ Fractional payload size compared to traditional video¹

insight story

Smaller and faster.

✓ Over 1000x smaller in size¹
✓ 10-16x faster than traditional video.¹

insight story

Resolution- & orientation-agnostic.

✓ Deferred video generation on user's device
✓ Videos are generated to match the device resolution & orientation.

insight story

Guided & Self-playing.

✓ Enables guided & self-playing dashboards.
✓ Insights & Intelligence become engaging, intuitive, and easy to share and explain.
✓ Generated based on events & schedules.

insight story

Cost effective to produce & distribute

✓ Fractional costs for Content Distribution Networks (CDN)
✓ Cost-effective to produce & distribute at scale and volume

insight story


✓ The format makes video interactive & retains the dashboard ability to query, & explore.

insight story

Accessibility & Personalization.

✓ Accessibility support. E.g., color-blindness, variable narration speed, variable playback speed, in addition to size and contrast.
✓ The color, voice fonts, narration speed in videos can be changed to support accessibility, themes, & personalization.

insight story

Explorable. Remixable. Shareable.

✓ Intuitively simpler to use, scrub, remix, and playback
✓ Every InsightStory can be edited, remixed, and shared.

insight story

Conversational Narratives

✓ InsightStories produce conversational narratives and voice-overs directly from data and insights, which play synchronized with visuals.
✓ Narrative and conversational allows support for variation in accents, gender, voice fonts, etc.
✓ Text-to-speech & voice-fonts enable conversational dashboards.

Why InsightStory?

Business dashboards for sharing insights & intelligence

Every business app uses dashboards to provide a window into company operations & performance. They help visualize data and metrics and are interactive, queryable, and explorable. Exploration is the engine that drives innovation.

Keith Rabois - metric of success - dashboard usage

Requires users to pull insights
Rarely engage & retain audiences
Require self-discovery and overwhelm users
Contribute to analysis paralysis & disengagement
Used primarily for high stake & unfamiliar problems
Ineffective for ad-hoc decisions
Unavailable to everyone serving customers & making decisions

Read more about why dashboards suck

Traditional video for sharing insights & intelligence

Video is engaging and compelling, concise, guided, self-playing, and highly explainable utilizing visualizations and conversations.

Jack Dorsey - My Job is to ensure decisions are being mades

Not explorable & queryable
Not device, resolution, & orientation agnostic
Large size (100MB-600MB per min) contributes to large content distribution networks (CDNs)
Expensive to produce & distribute
No support for support accessibility, theming, or personalization
Massive storage & infrastructure footprint
Ineffective for repetitive daily & on-demand generation

Read about the limitations of video format for sharing intelligence & insights

InsightStory is an ultralight format for visually sharing insights & intelligence.

InsightStory combines the best of dashboards & video without the bloat or limitations.

insight story
insight story

Insights are shared via an ultralight format that includes visualizations and conversations, is orientation and resolution agnostic, personalizable, and accessibility-supporting.

Insight sharing becomes explainable, engaging, and self-driving. The ability to explore, query, and drill-down are retained.

Read about the features of patent-pending technology.

insight story

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